Smooth &
Rapid Induction

● Rapid induction, accurate control and rapid recovery
● Little irritation to respiratory tract
● High circulatory stability with organ protection
● It is suitable for induction and maintenance of general
anesthesia in adult and pediatric patients


Generic Name: Sevoflurane
Brand Name: SEVOTANE
Indication: Sevoflurane is indicated for induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia in adult and padiatric patients for inpatient and outpatient surgery.
Usage and dosage: Sevoflurane should be used through a specially calibrated vaporizer to accurately control the concentration of sevoflurane.
MAC of sevoflurane decreased with the increase of age and nitrous oxide.

Pediatric patients using 60% N2O / 40% O2 induction: the dose should be individualized and adjusted according to the patient’s age and clinical conditions. In adults, when sevoflurane inhalation concentration is 5%, surgical anesthesia
effect can be achieved within 2 minutes; in children, sevoflurane inhalation concentration is 7%, surgical anesthesia effect can be achieved within 2 minutes. Sevoflurane inhalation concentration was 8% as anesthesia induction for patients without preoperative medication.

Maintenance: the concentration of sevoflurane with or without nitrous oxide was 0.5% – 3%.
Elderly patients: as with other inhalation anesthetics, surgical anesthesia is usually maintained at low sevoflurane concentrations.
Recovery: the recovery period of sevoflurane anesthesia is usually short. Therefore, patients will ask for relief of surgical pain earlier.

Adverse reactions: Data on adverse reactions were obtained from clinical trials in more than 3200 patients in the United States and Europe. The type, severity and frequency of adverse reactions in patients treated with sevoflurane were similar to those of other inhalation anesthetics.
Contraindications: Sevoflurane is forbidden to be used in patients with known allergy to this product, and to patients with known or suspected genetic history of malignant hyperthermia.
Medication for pregnant and lactating women :
With the exception of a cesarean section study in which only a small number of patients participated, there were no studies on sevoflurane use in pregnant women, including those who delivered normally. It is not clear whether sevoflurane is secreted by breast milk, so lactating women should use it with caution.
Storage: Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C
sealed storage.
Package: Amber glass bottle, 1bottle/box
Period of validity: 36 months.